I am a photographer and a papermaker. My work melds the spontaneous playfulness and fluidity of papermaking with the discipline inherent in the darkroom. Making my own paper accentuates the organic nature of the work. The complex interaction of paper and process results in textural, sensual prints, each of which are unique. A fascination with natural cycles, patterns and textures runs through my work and seeks to capture the beauty of a still point in life's chaos.

There are subjects that are better suited to printing on other media and I have work that is printed on standard papers (silver or digital) and on non-traditional materials such as silk. The project and the imagery determine my choice and I always attempt to have my printing method and media enhance the final work.

My training as an artist has been self-directed rather than formal. Through workshops, exchanging ideas with fellow artists, and much experimentation, I have evolved as an artist and developed my unique working methods and voice.